Approaching & Departing Aircraft

One of the most important items to be aware of is how to properly approach a helicopter, especially one that is running.

As shown on this graphic, never move towards the rear of the aircraft!

It is recommended that you always approach/depart from the front side as shown in the green areas. This will allow pilots and ground crew to always have visual contact with passengers.

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Visual Contact

It is important that the pilot has visual contact with approaching passengers or ground crew. Wait for his/her signal before moving toward to departing away from the aircraft.

Customers may want to ride with or without the doors on the aircraft.
Seat belts are REQUIRED at all times and must not be removed until directed.

Rotor Wash – Debris

Beware of any debris that may be blown up while approach aircraft. If you are unable to see, crouch down and wait for assistance.

At no time is it permissible to smoke on the premises.

Loose Items

Crouch down while approach aircraft. Remove loose articles (i.e. hats) and never chase after anything that blows away.

Food and Drinks must be consumed before the tour or disposed of prior to flight